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October 15 2017

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Wonder Woman #9 (2007)

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denis villeneuve - filmography


Medical Students Empathizing With Elderly People With The Help Of Virtual Reality



A virtual reality experience changes the user into a 74-year-old called Alfred in order to see his perspective as a medical patient He’s talking to you, but you can’t listen to him clearly. There’s a big black smudge where his face should be, so you’re incapable to really read his lips. What he’s speaking is important, so you lean in. But you’re frustrated as you try to understand what’s going on.

Picture Courtesy: upworthy.com

You’re feeling life through the eyes of a 74-year-old patient named Alfred, 7 minutes in the shoes of an old man whose audio-visual impairments are mis-diagnosed as cognitive ones and a story that students across many controls have worked together to create.

Carrie Shaw, a master’s student in biomedical visualization and content creator of the case study named, (We Are Alfred) said; we’re trying to represent different kinds of medical conditions, sensory settings from the first-person perspective of a patient, the project was the centre of Shaw’s research this year. It got first place in the Art/Design/Humanities & Social Sciences Division among graduate student designs at the UIC Research Forum, and the Vesalius Trust Scholarship Award.

Picture Courtesy: www.techtimes.com

Their goal was to work on an interactive, experiential product that could be worked for curriculum in geriatrics. The health and care of aged people, because of predicted extension in future U.S. aging populations and a divide between patients and the students or doctors who heal them.

Shaw said; ‘Medical students are normally in their early 20s and not encountering those kinds of difficulties yet, so we decided to create something that would deliver them the experience of what it might be like to go through the aging means,’

Users feel that with some headphones and the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2, a headset that can engage them in a 360-degree virtual reality experience. The headset also holds a Leap Motion device that traces and projects user’s hands in the story to give them feel like they’re Alfred.

Picture Courtesy: jyliou.blogspot.com

Becoming Alfred helps better users to understand with elderly patients.

The group began with Alfred .5, the first iteration of the project. The prototype had a totally virtual environment. But after examinations, trials, consideration and input from expert geriatricians, the second iteration was re-focused to add graphic elements, real people, and live scenes, a re-designed interactive cinema on an almost zero-dollar funds.

The live-action story includes 6 scenes: Happy Birthday Song, Day Dream, Wine Spill, and Waiting Room, Taking the Cognitive Test and Follow up with the Doc.

Picture Courtesy: gigaom.com

Thomas Leahy and Jakub Borowski, UIC engineering students used programming techniques and development devices to stitch together footage and add simulations of medical effects such as critical macular degeneration or hearing loss. according to too Leahy; ‘There were a lot of diverse, new technologies that we were working to integrate together, and I think that was one of the important themes of our whole project,’

The group did a lot of troubleshooting and worked each others’ expertise and plans to solve problems and handle challenges.

Video Source: www.upworthy.com

Other project collaborators introduced Yoobin Cha, a graduate student in communication; computer science grad students Karen Corda and Abhishek Tripathi with faculty member Rachel Yudkowsky, associate professor of medical education.

Maybe while we’re at it we should make a poverty VR for med students too. What about a race VR? Gender VR? Various disability VRs? It could go on and on.

Because here’s the thing, doctors really, really don’t get it. 

The medical elite are probably the last people who should be “solving” health problems that are largely environmental and working with patients who face problems that most doctors have never had to worry about in their life. 

This is a well intentioned start, but we shouldn’t have to suspend med students in an alternate reality in order to get some empathy from them.

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Football is not just a game. Egypt qualify for the WC after 28 years

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Kate Bishop
Fashion redesign
Flame Con 2017 commission

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Liverpool vs Manchester United | 14.10.2017


If the Nightwing movie does come through, I want the trailer to be playing Britney Spears’ Circus. That is all.

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The Left needs to organize outside of the Democrats and outside of establishment liberalism.

“In reality, as a mechanism of political engagement, the vote is one of the most powerful methods to discipline citizens along a patriarchal, heteronormative, and capitalist status quo. It encourages people to give themselves over to a corrupt social order in return for promises of reform which the state and its power elite have no obligation to fulfill. Put simply, rather than a mechanism for positive change, the vote is often a powerful means of managing  —  and obstructing  —  progress.”

– frankcastro/organize-or-die-c284624e005e#.2240alq3d">Organize or Die: Never in the History of the World has an Election Destroyed a System of Oppression

My approach to this is: I vote for the least evil (it doesn’t take me long), but I put most of my energy and time into protests and campaigns and direct actions that are opposed to the state and work more directly towards what I find important.
(or, in other words, I don’t think I should throw away my vote just because it’s not the best way to change things - I use it as one of many tools that I have.)

when it comes to voting marginalized people are constantly put in a “damned if you don’t damned if you do” scenario. On one hand our votes matter enough for the privileged to try to take that right away from us, but they don’t matter enough to politicians to make substantial change. Our right to vote is important but we also need to look at what we are voting into. Voting is just one tool but not the ultimate solution.


“If voting changed anything, they wouldn’t let us do it”


10 Great Reasons to Support Capitalism


  1. Infinite growth might mean I get to be taller than 5′2″ one day
  2. Doesn’t require fancy words like “bourgeois” and “proletarian”
  3. Its alternative, socialism, has had its meaning completely obscured by Stalinists, Social Democrats, and Republicans
  4. Has given you everything: the Internet, your internal organs, and even the stars in the sky
  5. Maintaining status quo easier than launching global proletarian revolution
  6. Allows everyone a chance at rising up the economic ladder to oppress others
  7. Through a logic of its own, the market efficiently allocates resources to a small group of elites
  8. Things like food, healthcare, and shelter would oppress everyone
  9. Nobody would work if not for the threat of starvation and death
  10. The sneakiest economic system, it has managed to kill millions and avoid being blamed
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Bruce fighting throughout seasons.

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September 06 | Kristen Stewart at the ‘Rebel in the Rye’ After Party in NYC

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lindseybyrnes Kristen Stewart in Nature


October 13 2017

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Because that little boy, Bruce Wayne, he came back to fight for this city.

October 12 2017

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“Be the shadow.”

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CALL TO ACTION against Trump in the Philippines Nov. 12-14!

Racist, fascist CEO of US Imperialism is coming to the Philippines for the ASEAN Summit!

Of course he will be met with wide protests in the Philippines!


#USimperialism #Ibagsak


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